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The Brezhnev Memo

1980, Dell Publishing, New York. 349 pages.


The Brezhnev Memo is a Cold War novel of intrigue and suspense, with historical and philosophical underpinnings, set on the island of Crete and the Turkish coast.


A series of catastrophic earthquakes stuns the world. Cities topple. Millions die... China...Yugoslavia...Turkey. California may be next. Is this nature's savagery, or is it a terrifying new weapon that can destroy a chosen target in perfect imitation of nature? A top-secret memo containing the diabolical truth — handwritten by the Soviet Premier — has been smuggled out of Russia. Its bloody trail leads from the Kremlin to sun-drenched Crete to the darkest corners of a Turkish prison... A brilliant American spy — stalked by his KGB counterpart — has only five days before the next killer earthquake strikes and triggers World War III. His mission: find...the Brezhnev Memo.

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