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movie milestones


Movie Milestones is an entertaining and informative history of film in the West that moves from Edison’s invention of the motion picture camera to the 1960s. Written and narrated by film historian, critic and nationally known poet Morton Marcus, and directed and edited by award-winning documentarian Stuart Roe, the series consists of sixteen half-hour programs that examine the development of the art of cinema through technical innovations, thematic ideas and visionary filmmakers. Still shown on a number of cable television stations and purchased for the archives of AFTRS, the Australian National Film School, Movie Milestones is as viable and fresh today as it was when it was produced in 1989. 



  1. In The Beginning: Edison, The Lumieres, Geo. Melies

  2. D.W. Griffith, the Grammar and Rhetoric of Film; and Business Wars

  3. Marx & Montage, Soviet Film, Part I: Dziga Vertov, Lev Kuleshov, Eisenstein, Pudovkin

  4. Marx & Montage, Soviet Film, Part II: Alexander Dovzhenko, Abram Room “Bed & Sofa” Socialist Realism to the '60s

  5. Clowns Without Voices, Part I: Linder, Sennett and Chaplin

  6. Clowns Without Voices, Part II: Keaton, Lloyd, Langdon, et al.

  7. Weimar Wunderkinder, A History of German Film, Part I (1919–1925) : Robert Weine, F.W. Murnau

  8. Weimar Wunderkinder, A History of German Film, Part II (1925–1987) : Fritz Lang, G.W. Pabst and after

  9. Silent Screen Svengalis: von Stroheim, Lubitsch, and Hollywood in the '20s

  10. Sound: The Hollywood Studios in the ‘30s and ‘40s, Part I: The Comedy Genres

  11. Sound: The Hollywood Studios in the ‘30s and ‘40s, Part II: The Melodramatic Genres

  12. Their Finest Hours: A History of British Film: John Grierson, Hitchcock, The Angry Young Men

  13. The French Connection, Part I: French Film in the 1920s: Abel Gance, Rene Clair, Carl Dryer

  14. The French Connection, Part II: Jean Vigo, Marcel Carne, Jacques Feyder

  15. Jean Renoir, Realism and otherwise

  16. Film, Italian Style: From Spectacle to Spaghetti Western: A History of Italian Film to the 1960s


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